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Immersive Technologies & Metaverse Development Services in Dubai and the UAE

Immersive Technologies & Metaverse Development

Credence & CO. immersive technology services, we offer a range of services that allow businesses to create immersive experiences for their customers. By leveraging the latest XR (AR, VR, MR) technologies, we can help companies to enhance their brand image, increase customer engagement, and drive revenue growth. We aim to provide our clients with the best possible tech services and stay up to date with the latest developments in our field. We support and encourage our team members to create and explore new ideas, and we embrace trials to remain the top leader in our market. Our focus is on customer satisfaction, and we strive to create a positive and innovative culture within our company.

Our services include metaverse development, virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual tours, virtual stores, 3D modelling and printing, and consulting. We primarily serve the UAE market, where we have established a strong reputation for delivering high-quality services to our clients. 

 Our services includes: 

  • Metaverse Development 

  • Virtual Reality, Tours, Stores and Exhibitions

  • Augmented Reality

  • 3D Modeling and Printing

Metaverse Development

Metaverse E-Commerce Platform 

We develop e-commerce metaverse platforms that support different VR devices like Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, and Valve Index to showcase products as realistic 3D model replicas that users can see and experience first-hand. 


Metaverse Conference Hall 

For the organization of virtual events such as meetings, seminars, and training programs, our metaverse developers create 3D venues with advanced features, including live streaming, customizable avatars, virtual reality support, and the ability to access for users around the world. 


Metaverse Expo Hall 

For the organization of product launches and the showcase of innovative solutions virtually, our team develops custom expo halls in the metaverse. Access to the virtual halls will be limited to owners of exclusive NFT tickets to the event. 

Metaverse Gaming Space 

We create an immersive 3D gaming space to host games of different genres, such as RPG, action, platformers, strategy, PvP, etc., with features like interoperable game assets, play-to-earn mechanics, and social gaming aspects. As part of metaverse game development, our team also integrates Game Maker and the VoxEdit tool so users can incorporate their own customized assets. 


Metaverse Art Gallery 

Our developers will create virtual art galleries in the metaverse that allows digital artists and curators to exhibit the artworks under their ownership and invite other users to experience and interact with the art. Users will also be able to read the art’s metadata and also procure the art. 


Metaverse Social Media 

We develop immersive metaverse platforms for social engagement with new-age virtual socialization features and unique digital experiences, allowing users to connect better, create, and share. 

Virtual Reality Development

VR for Real Estate 

Increase your Real Estate exposure and reshape its marketing with Virtual Reality. Provide your clients and prospects with real-time virtual presentations for existing or yet-to-be-built properties, as well as add elements to them which provide immersive exploration. VR for Real Estate can be integrated with Google Maps and offers a great solution for Real Estate Renting, Buying and Selling. 


VR for Interior Design 

VR allows interior designers to fully visualize the interior of a place through completely visual means, allowing interior designers to conceptualize and test their designs virtually before translating them into real-life models. Additionally, if you want to offer your customers or prospects a looped virtual tour without the need to manually move from one spot to the other, then the cinematic view is ideal for you. This allows them to enjoy a video format of your virtual designs, and you can allow it to play on your website as well as on your social media pages. 


VR Training 

Training through VR is an interactive and dynamic way to teach your learners, as well as immerse them in a unique learning experience. We can create virtual reality simulations and training suited to a variety of industry needs. With VR training, safety issues are eliminated. 

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