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Merger and Acquisition in Dubai

Merging Companies and Acquiring Assets? Credence & Co. is here.

Merger and acquisition is a term that refers to the unification of companies or assets through various financial transactions. In this type of business deal, two companies are usually associated with one another and have agreed upon an understanding. It could either be for stocks or could even take a turn into a hostile takeover. To ensure that this type of deal will be done accordingly, Credence & Co. is here to provide your company the help and business knowledge about merger and acquisition in Dubai.

Merging and Acquisition Made Easy with Our Excellent Service

For over 10 years, our company in the UAE has been a trusted valuation and business advisory firm. We help our clients with various business needs to ensure their establishments and dreams for the future are secured and within reach. One of our services include merger and acquisitions in Dubai which mainly covers business deals that require financial transactions between companies. This process is not just about financial transactions - it is also about managing acquisitions and purchasing assets. All of these play a fundamental role in any company’s strategy when it improves shareholder value. What makes it easier to do this type of business deal is when you have a business advisory firm that can wholly help you in this important scenario. After all, when businesses do business, it’s crucial to know what happens behind-the-scenes in order to develop a solution in the long-run.

Why you should take our help with merger & acquisition valuation Dubai

  • You can get access to industry specific expertise

  • Our team is highly experienced and possesses minimum 15 years’ experience

  • We provide best service at cost effective rates

  • We understand your business requirements & we leverage on it accordingly while providing appropriate legal solutions

  • Our team will be dedicated for your firm to ensure smooth transition

  • We can add value to your business growth

  • We are one of the top, most experienced merger and acquisition companies in Dubai

What can we help you with? 

  • Organizational Readiness – preparing the organization for a transaction.

  • Buyer Advisory – identifying, evaluating, valuing, negotiating, financing and closing acquisition targets

  • Due Diligence – financial and operations assessments to provide early visibility to hidden synergies, opportunities, and risks

  • Business Integration – to fully achieve and exceed expected value from identified opportunities and ensure efficient transition and integration

  • Seller Advisory – the seller's exclusive financial advisor for divesting a company, division, product line, or plant

Why should you choose us as your business advisory firm?

If you want to know more information about merger and acquisition companies in Dubai, search for Credence & Co. Our proven experience in the business industry allows us to work on big projects for our small and big clients. We have given them the highest standard of service and guaranteed results for their business. We not only value your company, but we also value every process that goes into carefully planning and executing your visions for the success of your business. We make sure to communicate with our clients and give them the assurance that the merger and acquisition will go as planned. Our experts will find every possible solution to accomplish your goals so you can be worry-free. 


Inquire today and let Credence & Co. handle your merger and acquisition in Dubai. For more information about this service or on our other services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our highly-skilled business professionals will assist you in everything about merger and acquisition valuation in Dubai and can tailor customized solutions to meet your expectations. 

15 Years  of Experience, Our Team has the Knowledge and Expertise to Ensure Professional, Accurate, High Quality Service

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We are offering a broad appraisal and inspection advisory to clients. All measurements are carried out following the RICS Property Measurement Professional Statement 2nd Edition as issued by the Royal institution of chartered surveyors. We constantly consider the current market trends and apply best practices in the United Arab Emirates. 

Credence & Co. offers full range services of merger and acquisition in Dubai that covers business valuation, negotiation & successful completion. Gain the desired growth with the Strategic mergers and acquisitions levers.
Acquisitions play a fundamental role in any company's strategy when it improves shareholder's value. Our experience includes the conduct of necessary due diligence and post-merger integration services.  We assist companies with their Mergers & Acquisitions needs in Dubai.

At Credence & CO., We assist companies with matters of divestitures, merger and acquisition in Dubai. With over 15 years of experience to our credit, we have served clients in various sectors, and have won their trust by delivering best-in-class services that best match their needs.

Since the inception of our practice area, we have assisted companies with their merger and acquisition requirements, including documentation, provision of legal, due diligence services related to immediate and long-term effects of Mergers and Acquisitions in Dubai through all transaction stages. So if you require assistance with merger and acquisition in Dubai, there is one name that you can truly rely on – Credence & CO.

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