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Buildings Reserve Fund and Cost Consultancy Study in UAE

Premier Reserve Fund Study (RFS) Services in Dubai

You want to determine the reserve contribution rate and obtain a sustainable reserve funding plan for your projects. Our team can estimate the costs of replacing major common area components such as air conditioning systems, fire protection systems, lifts, etc. all major repair and replacement costs will be covered by funds set aside by the Management as reserves so that funds are available when needed. 

Electrical Inspectors

The Reserve Fund Study consists of two parts: the Physical Analysis and the Financial Analysis:

​Our methodology:

  • Fully Funded Model

  • Baseline Funded Model

  • Threshold Funded Model

  • Unfunded & Special Assessment Model

  • Hybrid Model

Our RFS report will provides recommendations on planning for long-term funding, and and on the extent to which the Management will set aside funds on a regular basis for non-annual maintenance requirements


The RFS report shall also include the following recommendations:

  • Estimation and explanation of reserve deficits;

  • Recommendations for reserve contributions;

  • Recommendations for special assessments and timing (if applicable);

  • The Management’s Reserve funding goal and plan.

15 Years  of Experience, Our Team has the Knowledge and Expertise to Ensure Professional, Accurate, High Quality Service

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The purpose of the Reserve Fund Study (RFS) is to provide recommendations for an adequate Reserve contribution rate and a sustainable Reserve Funding Plan for the subject project provides an estimate of the costs of replacing major common area components.

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