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Plant & Machinery Valuation in Dubai

Credence & Co. is an independent and impartial asset valuation and advisory firm. Best business decisions will only be made when there is a clear understanding of what is owned and its value.

Accurate valuations are required for a variety of purposes, including formal accounting, takeover, inter-company transfer and sale.

The valuation basis varies depending on the client’s requirement but typically reflects the ongoing nature of a business or the auction value of the plant & equipment. 


At Credence & Co., we are capable of providing you with a comprehensive, detailed inventory of assets and assessment of value based on research and market knowledge (valuation), hence a detailed marketing report outlining options for realising value. 

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15 Years  of Experience, Our Team has the Knowledge and Expertise to Ensure Professional, Accurate, High Quality Service

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We are offering a broad appraisal and inspection advisory to clients. All measurements are carried out following the RICS Property Measurement Professional Statement 2nd Edition as issued by the Royal institution of chartered surveyors. We constantly consider the current market trends and apply best practices in the United Arab Emirates. 

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