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"Anticipated Surge in Investment Returns: Dubai Real Estate Outlook for 2024"

Updated: Jun 10

Dubai Real Estate Outlook for 2024

According to real estate analysts, the trajectory of investment returns in Dubai's real estate sector is projected to sustain its upward momentum throughout 2024. This expectation aligns with the ongoing robust activity within the market and a corresponding surge in rental rates. Forecasts suggest that key residential areas could experience an uptick in the value of up to 10%, propelled by escalating demand, economic recovery, and heightened tourism, contributing to an influx of new residents.

Experts emphasize that the introduction of new properties will intensify competition among landlords, offering tenants a wider array of previously unavailable choices. The market is anticipated to continue ascent in Dubai's rental rates for the current year. This trend is attributed to new real estate developments, expanding the rental market's options and maintaining elevated demand. Forecasts a potential 10% increase in rental rates, positively impacting investment returns within the sector.

Dubai's real estate market

Similarly, Dubai's real estate market has recovered significantly, as evidenced by increased construction sector sales volume since 2021. This underscores the buoyancy in residential rents, fueling developers' eagerness to inject more investments and unveil fresh projects. It is also predicted that this recovery will persist and escalate until 2026, bolstered by various incentives, notably the aftermath of Expo 2020, which attracted capital from around the globe into real estate investments in Dubai.

Over the past two years, residential rents have steadily climbed, heightened demand for competitively priced units, and attracted international investors. This positions Dubai as a premier global investment hub, drawing interest from investors worldwide. Sales to foreign investors reach up to 90% in specific key sectors, notably witnessing a surge in Russian investors.

Furthermore, the annual rental is anticipated to increase between 8% and 10%. Certain sectors, such as villas, townhouses, and offices, will experience even higher increments due to their high demand-supply dynamics. The market might witness an approximately 10% rent rise for the current year, signalling favourable returns for investors. Ramadan underscores the correlation between rising demand and increased property prices, particularly noting the appreciation in villa values over time despite relatively lower rental returns.

Dubai's market trends

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